Monday, 26 August 2013

Dont HOPE...

He was on the airport waiting for his friend to be seen through the sea of people coming in. That was his life changing moment. It took place just beside him and he couldn't help but notice and wonder even though they were all strangers to him.

Straining to locate his friend coming out among the passengers, he saw a man coming towards him with handful of bags. he walked straight towards him and halted right next to him to greet his family with his arms spreading as wide as he can.

First he hugged his youngest son tightly confessing how much he missed him. The boy too in return replied "I missed you too, dad. So good to see you back." with a shy smile on his face.

Then he stood up cupping his eldest sons face in his hands who was around 10 yrs of age and said "You are already the young man. I love you very much dude.". They too hugged the most special hug.

While all this was happening the baby girl who was 2 yrs was observing all this silently through the corner of her eyes resting in her mothers arms. The man now turning to her said "Hello, my princess" stretching his hands towards her. In a second she leaped towards him to be occupied with kisses all over her sweet face. She then rest her head on his shoulder with pure contentment.

In some moments he handed over the baby to his oldest son and preceding towards his wife said "I've saved the best for the last" and gave her the most passionate and the longest kiss. He then stood holding her close and admiring. He whispered into her ears "I love you so much darling. Missed you.". They stood there holding hands and staring into each others eyes and beaming smiles.

Watching all this from beside he thought they could be newlyweds. But looking at the kids he knew they couldn't possibly be. He then realized how engrossed he was in the display of this unconditional love. He suddenly felt uncomfortable on hearing himself saying "WOW!! How long have you been married??"

"Been together for 14 and married for 12 of those" the man replied. "That's lovely, but then how long have you been away???" he inquired back in astonishment and curiosity. "Two complete days!!" once for now taking away his gaze from his wonderful wife and looking at me.

He was stunned, amazed  and shocked by the intensity of the greeting. He had thought of at least a couple of weeks, if not months. He was feeling betrayed by his thoughts.

He said almost offhandedly and with an intention of ending his intrusion "I hope, my marriage is till that passionate after 12 years."

The man suddenly stopped smiling and turned to him looking straight into the eye, holding his shoulder with both his hands and gazing right into the soul said, "Don't hope friend...... DECIDE!!! ". His smile was appearing back on his face, he held his hand and prayed "God Bless!".


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