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Monday, 10 June 2013


The second part of the series is entitled trust. Yes trust, a very heavy word and even harder to implement on others as well as self. Today I am going to share a cute little story of  a daughter and her dad. Enjoy reading....

Once the little girl and her dad were crossing a bridge. The bridge was very narrow so he got kinda scared and asked his daughter "My little Princess, please hold my hand tightly while we cross the bridge, so that you don't fall down.". But she refused and asked him to hold her hand. Puzzled on his daughters reaction he asked "Whats the difference??". "There's a big difference." replied the girl.

"If I hold your hand, and something happens to me, there are wide chances of me letting your hand go off. But Dad if u hold my hand, no matter what happens but you will never leave my hand. I trust you Dad ".

The true essence of any relationship is not in its bind, but in its bond. Love cannot live without trust. And as rightly said to be trusted is a better complement than being loved. The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, the happier you become.

Trust yourself then you will know how to live. Trust should be like the feeling of a one year old baby. When you throw him in the air, he laughs, because he knows you will catch him.
That's TRUST...!!!


  1. Currently I am going through some problems in my relationship. But the way u said it "The true essence of any relationship is not in its bind, but in its bond." has given me the strength to get back to it. I love him but trust was something which I could never bestow on him. I am kindof a very insecure person. After reading your post I have decided to go back to him and try to trust him. Thanx!!!

    1. Insecurity is the byproduct of lack of confidence. The most important part in a relationship is trust. You should surely work on it and practice patience to enjoy the miracles. All the best for your relationship and let me know if it worked out.

  2. That the relation i share with my dad. We no more live together, but the bond hasnt changed, it has just strengthened. Thanx for sharing the story....

    1. u r welcome baby... may the bond keeps getting stronger...
      God Bless You

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  4. TRUST the most difficult part to bestow on somebody, and the most powerful if acquired by someone.... Loved it....


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