Thursday, 20 June 2013

Its Raining Memories ....

As usual I woke up early in the morning, got ready with my favouriate track suit and jogging shoes, grasped the keys and left the house for a healthy jog just to stay young for some more time. While jumping down the stairs and out of the apartment a thought ran through my mind if I am doing it just to keep the kid in me alive, why not do it the kids way.... I turned back home changed in shorts and hood and yeah this time no shoes at all. Remember the kids way... Now started on the route towards my jogging track. I had just started and to my surprise felt something. Yes it had started raining.
It started with small droplets turning to the bigger ones and before i could realise it was pouring heavily.... exactly the way I loved it. Now with every step the water splashed higher and I was enjoying it....

As I continued with my jog, every mile stepped deeper into the memories of childhood where we would draw a countdown for the rains to start.
We would pray God to send the rains soon and we will not eat chocolates for a day.... ;-) . We would wait like anything for the clouds to burst, wait for the splashes, for the mud forts, and most important for the boat fights....

We had just come back from the school and being a part of the konkan area it rained heavily there. As soon as we entered the house we would become the best multitaskers in the world. Getting fresh, eating, changing, keeping the stuff in place(as we were disciplined kids) and without forgetting grabbing the keys of our cycles. We would complete all our tasks without running back for and in the least possible time. On our bikes(engineless and pollution free) we would go all around the town, splashing water, slipping, dropping, racing, skidding and doing all the stunts we could. Everyday atleast one would get the chance to hurthis knees or arms or chin atleast... But we would adore the marks as they were our worthiest possessions and it would also declare who was the strongest.... The kids way, more the injuries, more braver...!!!!

Today was the rainy sunday, and the sandday the way we used to call it.
Our day to play with the mud, making clay forts, splashing mud on each other was our faviourate. Every time we would grab on somebody and dig him in mud. After the play it would become nearly impossible to recognise us even by our families. the game always ended after somebody complained about us at our homes or we being dragged by our families. I remember an incident when my friends dad dragged another boy considering him as his son and we laughed over it the whole season. Ohh Childhood .... I miss you...!!!

It was 15th august, our day to come home early and go fishing. We would spend the whole week preparing our fishing rods, and everytime improving its efficiency :-). The best part of this was to distract each other from getting any fish. We never got any fish but by chance if somebody grabs a chance on a tiny little fish we all would fight over declaring it be his own. Ohh those fights, they too were so full of love and innocence. Those ponds and the fishing rods they were our best finds. We would spend hours spotting fishes in the pond and competing on whose pebble hopped the most times on water. I dont know if todays kids even do that. We would only return home after dark. The acrivities we did were so innocent, simple and outstanding like our age.

Paper boats and their races were a fad in our childhood. We would have tournaments on paper boat
races. The one whose boat would survive the waves and the splashes was the winner. We just didnt make simple paper boats but also tested them for their efficiency and their stress bearing capacity. We would name our boats and also plant a sailor in our boat. Everybody had his own design and they could be recognised, they were trademark boats. Noone had the right to copy anybodys design and we played the tournamment with all the rules and regulations. The races used to be more entertaining than the F1 race.... We would work on strategies for days to win the game, so childish yet challenging. I wish my kid plays that too and dont feel it as old fashioned as many of todays kids think of it to be... :-(

Remember the last time you got wet in the rain, Am sure there are some thoughts running down ur mind and theres a sweet little smile on ur face... Some great body has so rightly said "The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.". So let your memories rain, njoy them and share them with me too. You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too.

Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain. And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.
I pray today Into each life, some rain must fall...
Happy raining....!!!!!!!
Happy memories....!!!!!


  1. Thanx ali... but not as good as u....

    1. Thats so nice of u ali....
      But I love the indivisualism,the vision and the genuinity in ur pics, and not to forget the crazy captions make it worth.....
      Why dont u participate in the contest held by nat geo, something named the moment, just check that out....

    2. Hey thanks a lot for the suggestion, will try it out

  2. Seems like you have had a wonderful childhood. Mine was not as good as yours but yes in our times it was far more better than the ones that todays kids have. They have become so materialistic that instead of playing cricket with a real bat they prefer it with the joystick, feel really sad for them.
    Nice post though.!

    1. Thanx aabheer. Its good to know that you too have had a wonderful childhood, its the time the shapes our character our being..

  3. Forgot to mention, Loved the caption of the post, true to the words.
    I m definitely try your way out of jogging without shoes and splashing the water from potholes. Loved the idea and m definitely going to follow the dress code too

    1. Hahaha, i try my best to keep the child alive in me, and think everyone must try to do the same. Its better to get back to our real selves once in a while.


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