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Monday, 23 September 2013

Is my life getting really boring???

I saw a very bizzarre dream this weekend night. I am not calling it bizarre cos it was far too strange. My subconscious is a master in creating strange dreams. I hardly remember of watching a normal dream, but this was BIZARRE. It was so incredibly mundane. I am blaming my subconscious for being such a waste in even creating it.

If this is what I can dream up to at a weekend night than my life is really turning too boring. I actually dreamed of cleaning crockery in the sink of my house. And I did it pretty much the same way I regularly do it. First the spoons and the bowls, then the plates. I must have woke up just before putting my hand on the serving bowl. It wasnt like I was cleaning the bowls and the water in the sink suddenly splashes up like like a huge fountain and then reshapes into a dolphin that dances all over the house. It would have been worth the creation. But this. Not at all, I was just simply, ordinarily cleaning the white porcelain crockery.

Wait, the saddest part is yet to come. After I woke up, I realized that I had actually been dreaming
about it. And the thought that popped into my head was the crockery in my dream had a yellow flower with a green stem on the right side instead of the turquoise blue border design in my original one. What a shame.

Yeah yeah, I am convinced that my life is turning out pretty boring....


  1. Darling... Try google and dream interpretation... You might just be surprised....

    1. I guess, i'll take your suggestion. Now curious to find out...

  2. What a lovely piece of crockery, now I can understand why do you love them so much

    1. Thanx jija. Thats a real classic piece... Lucky to possess


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