Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wanna see if hubby remembers anniversary...

There is no doubt that anniversaries are a huge deal for most people. Whether it is the day they met, their first date, or the day they were married, it marks a celebration. If you are into anniversaries, I completely understand what it must feel like for someone to forget. What I can’t grasp is the desire for people to “test” their significant other. 

Some time back when I was having a casual chat with ma friend she showcased the bitter side of herself uttering, “I want to see if my husband remembers our anniversary . I’m not uttering a word this year. Every year, I have to remind him(Its just been 2 years since they are married). This year, I want to see if he remembers on his own and see what he does. I am not going to forgive him if he forgets.” Instead of waking up, rolling over, planting a kiss on his lips and greeting her husband with, Happy Anniversary, she rolled out of bed, completed her chores, went to work, and was salty all day  because her husband had as usual forgotten her anniversary which was actually supposed to be their anniversary. I would call that a waste of emotions and energy.

Even my hubby is worst when it comes to remembering birthdays and anniversaries. I literally have to remind him the night before, and the morning of any family member’s birthday. This includes his parents, his siblings and even my own. But I just love it that way. He just doesn’t do well with remembering birthdays. He has proven that year after year. But that doesn't make him a bad person or it confirms that he doesn't love us. Its just not his style to remember the dates.

I have always been the neglected one so most of them never remembered my birthday. But I had my own style of celebrating it. I would call up or walk to everyone I love and gift them with some handmade stuff I personally prepare for them sharing love and happiness. That's how a birthday is meant to be, isn't it. 

When you test a person, it almost always ends in failure. And what is really the purpose of the test? If they remember does it mean they love you? If they forget does it mean you chose the wrong person? It really can be as simple as the fact that they are forgetful or they don’t place the same value on one particular day. 

Life is too short to treat your mate like a child. You may as well be saying, “I wonder if he remembered to collect the house keys while leaving. I’m not telling him again. If he didn’t, I am going to ground him when I get home.”

She could have saved a lot of time, energy, and stress just by saying, “Darling, what can we do for our anniversary on Friday?” Decide together if you want to go out to dinner, cook at home, head out for a movie, go on a long drive, lounge whole day on the bed or celebrate with friends and family.  
Trust me, it would have worked out a lot better for both. After all, it’s not just your anniversary. It is a day for both of you.So go wish him without trying to test whether he remembers or not. Its the relationship that's important not the date.


  1. I must admit I used to be on the other side, shouting at people for forgetting my birthday...But over the years have realized the foolishness (after forgetting a few birthdays myself)...So can totally understand... You certainly nailed it Viti. :)

    1. Thanx fizz....
      And yelling at others for forgetting your most special day too has its own pleasures....;-)
      Its just that how we take it...

  2. I just loved every single word u have written. I am gonna make my wife read it.
    I just appreciate the genuineness and simplicity of your soul. Your hubby is darn lucky man.

    1. Aabheer its me whos lucky to have a man like him. thanx a lot for such kind words.

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