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Thursday, 3 October 2013


Today I woke up exceptionally early, even before the sunrise. But I preferred to stay on bed cuddled up. After some time I saw some beautiful shades of pink appearing on the horizon. Yeah I have a balcony to my bedroom facing east and the first thing you see when you wake up is the golden sky with that lovely ball of sun. Lucky me... I enjoyed the shades of pre-sunrise laying in his arms. In no time the sun started showing up and dominating the whole sky with its presence. In just a matter of 10 minutes the dancing colours were all gone and the day was up. It was like it never happened. I would have missed the glory of beautiful vibrant colours dancing all over the skyline had I slept a little more. 

Timing can be a witch sometimes. Nothing is more important in relationships. A person can be compatible with the other in n number of different ways. You could form the best of couple, having similar views and ideals with matching thoughts on favourite topics. You could share the same taste in food, fashion, hobbies and leisure times. You may get along with each others families absolutely well.
But all is well if the timings well. Consider the timing is off for any one of you all the compatibilities end up in the bin outside your house. When the timings not right with someone all your emotions betray you portraying a picture of discomfort and unhappiness building paths of an unfulfilled relationship. Happiness bears the most inconsistent nature. Some day you will be like the happiest creature on earth and the other day you may not feel the same.
Timing plays a crucial role in all sorts of relationships
especially in love. Not getting along today may not always mean they wont be having a future together. Maybe tomorrow they would grow mature and progress to a level of understanding and grow more secure in who they are. Maybe they won't. There will not be any heavenly moment saying you that this is the perfect timing for a relationship.  But there will be this moment, and you will always know when it comes. Learn to trust your instincts. Instincts never betray, they just help us to not get settled for interrupted happiness.


  1. Wow... Wise Wisdom... Every word has been put so well...And I love how you concluded... "Instincts never betray, they just help us to not get settled for interrupted happiness".

    1. Thanx Fizz...
      Yeah,I proudly endorse my instincts as they have landed me into this wordless relationship.
      Instincts are always right like our moms... ;-)

  2. I had a very bad morning with ma wife today, now i know it was just that the timing wasn't right. I am calling her right away to say I love her

    1. Thats so good of you aabheer. May God bless you couple with lots of love

  3. That was an awesome post. Totally loved it. A very deep understanding.

    1. Just trying to pen down my thoughts in words..


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