Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Wedding??? Ahan, Competition!!!

Recently I had been to a wedding of my darling friend. When they were in the middle of their pheres, I heard some ladies chatting behind me. They were so loud that I couldn't help but hear. To my utter surprise they were criticising the brides saree. She no doubtedly looked ravishingly beautiful but to
their taste she was wearing a majorly heavy saree than she could carry.
"Oh my god the saree must be double her weight"
"Had she chosen the lighter shade, would have suited her better"
"She would have saved some money for the beautician, look at her make-up"

They did not stop on just the bride but dwindled on every single aspect existed. From the venue to the menu. On the day which was supposed to be their most special day of life, these 3 would be/had been brides were busy rating the whole procession like professional paid critics. Were they invited to
criticise or bless the newly wed deeply in love couple with a happy life.

Wedding is supposed to be about 2 people who are madly badly in love with each other expressing their commitment in front of family and friends. It is not about comparing whose dress was better, was anything on the menu eatable or hoping to get an expensive return gift. Marriage processions since long have been a matter of show off. These days a matter of status. Not to forget the contribution of these advertising and marketing community including bollywood, people these days pour lakhs of rupees in the procession which actually lasts for just a couple of hours.

But how many times do we see people madly in love getting married?? Its like weddings have become just an overly expensive affair rather than celebration of love. It is everybodys right to have the day designed the way they want, but I genuinely believe the couple must spend some time discussing their marriage than planning it. I would really be happy to remember some simple marriages filled with love and overwhelmed with emotion than the ones just bought at the expense of bundles or paper notes what we call money. I still get a smile when I heard him(Groom) murmering in her ears now I will be able to dance at my grand childrens weddings with my beautiful wrinkle queen in my arms.
Isn't this what we would call as love?

Hasn't somebody rightly quoted that there is no more lovely, friendly and a charming relationship than a good marriage. The funniest thing is I wrote the complete post on the topic the wedding day, but the real thing starts from the very next day. It is not the promises you make that makes a great marriage but the act of fulfilling them every single moment of your life ahead. Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, rather what you offer to give and that's everything. To be loved with a love that is more than love. Its not the end dude, Its just the beginning.
True love stories never have endings....

"'cause I know there is strength
in the differences between us
and I know there is comfort
where we overlap"
-Ani Difranco's 


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