Saturday, 12 October 2013

Just another weekend....

Its saturday morning and yeah today he will be coming back from office until lunch. Its the arrival of weekend and plans have started building up. He will be completing his pending sleep of whole week after the lunch getting up directly at dinner time. And then he would suddenly realize its saturday night so a drinks night will come up with friends and the dinner will be consumed after midnight that too if he is in mood of having some food. Sunday mornings are supposed to be spent on bed but the rule gets modified here and he is up exceptionally early at times even before God. Its a treat indulging himself in some early morning movies and then a cricket match with the friends. By the time he returns its noon. Time dedicated for lunch with eyes glued to the television set (as usual) and then some cricket match or sunday special movies comping on air. A glass of beer in hand, with some snack and an unappreciated lovely dinner. The coach develops a duct into it by the time its time to sleep. Sometimes a boys day out with friends pops up but thats it.
Weekends are the perfect occassions for some me time. Of course there's no time during the weekdays left after the job, dinner with eyes glued to the tv and sleep after getting exhausted by the programmes/movies displayed.

She makes sure that he is not disturbed at all and gets everything on time and as demanded during the weekdays. She waits impatiently for the weekend to come with a hope of getting some we time. She will leave no work for the weekend as it would disturb him or even eat up on their time together.
The schedule is going on since some 100 weekdays and weekends. She is living with a hope of getting noticed some day. She keeps on moving around him, doing things he likes, and everything she could possible think of just to get noticed. No its not that he doesn't love her. He is very kind to her, she is never deprived of anything. He remembers her birthday and their anniversary every year. They go grocery shopping together. Anytime she demands of spending some together he pulls her beside him on the sofa and they watch the tv together.

Does sitting on the same coach watching the same television programme together without a word being uttered means being together. Does eating in the same plate with face in the direction of the favourite movie coming on air without the appreciation of food means being together. Does leaving the changes in the partner unnoticed specially made for you means being together?? Does sleeping on the same bed without kissing good night means being together?? Does living under the same roof without knowing whats going on each others lives means being together?? Does only knowing that the partner is alive but not bothering is living or not means being together??

Marriage is like a song, where the Lord's sweet melody of love comes from two hearts joined as one, husband and wife. Neglecting a persons individuality is not less than a crime. Every person in the
universe needs to be known, cherished and respected. And done more specifically if the person is your mate. Indifference and neglect do much more damage than outright dislike. When making any choice in life, never neglect to live and to live with person you love.

Being honest, the real threat to marriages is none other than loving commitment whether in the form of neglect, indifference or cruelty. So many women die every year due to depression. Its not the biology that kills them as much as neglect. Death only kills once but ignorance, neglect kills every moment of life. It is better to not be in a relationship if you are going to act single. It hurts being ignored cos it makes the person look foolish trying to get some attention.

She may get used to it. She may get used to being cancelled, left alone. She may get used to being left as the last option.She may get used to being forgotten. She may get used to not exist. It would all be still fine. She will learn to live it that way. But just imagine how would it feel if all of that happens to you. What would happen to your alter ego , your manhood?? 

In life there is always a purpose behind everyone you meet. Some will use you, test you, teach you, bring out the best in you and some will just love you. Love you for you being you, irrespective of however you are, whatever you do. They will always you, be with you. Love is not about sex, going on romantic dates or spending money on each other. Its all about being with the one who makes you fell like nobody else does, makes you feel complete. we oftenly underestimate the power of a smile, touch, a kind word, a listening ear or even the smallest act showing you care. All of these have the power to move a life around.

Being alone does not mean you are lonely or being lonely does not mean you are alone. Choose your relationship wisely. Its always better to be alone than being lonely and neglected inspite of being in a relationship. Good relationships never happen in a moment of time, they take time, patience and lots of work and desire to be put in. The purpose of a healthy relationship  is to grow together and achieve you goals together without disrespecting or ignoring each others individuality.

Never waste a moment in your life holding grudges, it may be the last one with your love. In
relationships distance is not measured in miles but in the affection they share. Two people might be sitting next to each other but may be miles apart. so make the effort to nourish the special bond. Trust me its worth the effort. Never neglect the people who are important to you taking them for granted that they will be always be there. One fine day you would wake up to realize that they are gone to never come back.

Every mind likes celebrations. It gives more pleasure & memorable moments. Today is One of that day. So enjoy it & feel the moments. Have a Nice Day Together.


  1. Perfectly woven the heart of a housewife in words. Superb post. I felt so related.

  2. Beauty. I liked the way you have explained it. Good one

    1. it just came out from my heart for the friend who was suffering from loneliness...


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